Supremecoat DeodourSanitise

Intelligent Technology

In these trying times we are living through, our revolutionary DeodourSanitise is the perfect solution to sanitise and deodorise your vehicle or living space. Our system is a straightforward fit and forget procedure without the use of electricity and fogging sanitising machines. Only warm water is needed to react with our unique intelligent DeodourSanitise pack and the rest is done by a fast gas release system in tandem with our Gold Multi-Purpose Sanitiser spray to treat the vehicle.


A Perfect Solution.

Effective against viruses, fungi and bacteria.  


Safe for the environment.


Requires no electricity.


Improves air quality.


Permanently remove odours without leaving behind any residue.

Kill COVID-19 within 20 seconds.

Supremecoat Multi-Purpose Sanitiser

The Supremecoat Gold Multi-Purpose Sanitiser spray meets EN1276, EN1650 and EN13697 standards.

When both products are used in tandem, they provide a complete COVID-19 cleanse killing the virus within 20 seconds.


Kills COVID-19 within 20 seconds.


Fast drying and non-sticky formula.


Kills 99.999% viruses, fungi and bacteria.


Food safe. Food that come in contact with sprayed surfaces is still safe to eat.


Suitable for any work, home or leisure areas.


Safe to use on electronics.

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How Does the DeodourSanitise System Work?

Stage 1

Our Supremecoat (FGR) Fast Gas Release pack uses the release of chlorine dioxide (CLO2) gas to safely neutralise and eliminates odours / sanitises. Chlorine dioxide (CLO2) is a gas with strong oxidising properties which quickly neutralises and eliminates odours and is not be confused with chlorine bleach. CLO2 does not generate harmful by-products produced by chlorine bleach.


It removes odours permanently without masking or covering up unwanted scents. Safe & easy to use and will not degrade surfaces. Chlorine Dioxide is a free radical, naturally decaying on its own and does not require removal from surfaces or air spaces following treatment like other cleaners. High purity chlorine dioxide will quickly decay into harmless microscopic sodium salts that are completely non-irritating leaving no harmful residue.

Chlorine dioxide removes 99.999% of pathogenic microorganisms (such as fungi, bacteria and viruses). No other disinfectant matches the ability of chlorine dioxide in deactivating microbial biofilms that lead to odours and “Killer Superbugs“. Some of the newer applications include disinfection of fruit, vegetables, meat and seafood, the treatment of medical waste, and sterilization of medical equipment.

Available in 25g, 50g or 100g

(dependant of size of the area to be treated)

DeodourSanitise Squares.png


Chlorine Dioxide (CL02) is a gas
with strong oxidizing properties. In this process, chlorine dioxide quickly neutralizes and eliminates odors. The only disinfectant to work both as a true gas and a liquid, chlorine dioxide has been referred to as the Ideal Biocide.
Discovered by Humphrey Davy in 1811, to date no organism tested against chlorine dioxide has proved resistant. The speed, efficacy, and unique ability of chlorine dioxide to kill bacteria, viruses, fungus, and spores is unmatched.


After stage 1, the key areas can be sanitised during stage 2.

Stage 2

2021 SCH - Gold Hand Sanitiser 500ml Pro

Our revolutionary Multi-Purpose Sanitiser kills COVID-19 within 20 seconds. Being able to kill 99.9% of bacteria and also being effective against other viruses and fungi, it can be suitable to use in many areas such as vehicles, work surfaces, door handles, safe to use on hands, phones, keyboards and much more. The Supremecoat Multi-Purpose Sanitiser is also food-safe, meaning that surfaces can be sanitised and still are safe to be in contact/used to prepare food whilst having the food still being safe to eat.

Available in 500ml or 100ml