Supremecoat Lost & Found

Supremecoat Lost & Found 

Key Recovery

Supremecoat lost & found

Losing keys can be very expensive and time-consuming to organise replacements.


Should you find someone's belongings you often have no way of returning them to the owner - now you can thank's to Supremecoat Lost & Found!


Supremecoat Key Protector enables customers to securely tag and register their keys - so that if lost, they can be reunited with their owners quickly and hassle free. Supremecoat Key Protectors carry no personal information but instead have a unique identification number which links you to your keys 24/7.

Supremecoat Key Recovery features include:

  • Supremecoat lost and found service cover - renewed annually

  • up to 2 points of contact for the finder including Supremecoat's 24/7 helpline telephone number and website 

  • on-line profile - with free updates

  • multi-lingual website - in case your keys are found overseas

  • free replacements should your key protector get lost or damaged 

  • Supremecoat finder reward

A few easy steps to follow

Once you receive your new Supremecoat Key Protector, you will need to:
Step 1 Register it - by going online and creating your account
Step 2 Create your personal Profile 

Creating your profile

This is where we encourage you to add up to 5 emergency contacts so that in the event your item is found and we can’t reach you, we are able to alert someone else. Your Profile is completely secure and free to change at any time – so if you change your mobile number, or move house remember to keep it up to date!

How it works

If someone finds your car keys, Supremecoat will contact you instantly by text or email. If we can’t reach you, we’ll automatically notify the additional emergency contacts that you provided within your profile. 

Up to 4 methods of alert to get you and your items home quickly and safely!
Our unique ID tags display up to 3 methods of contact:

  • our website address

  • a QR Code

  • our 24 hour UK contact centre telephone number 

94% of registered keys are successfully returned!

Key Recovery
Lost and Found tags are registered on our secure portal. If the item is found, it can be returned safely to the owner.
Simple. Safe. Secure

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