Supremecoat Opens Application Centre in Sheffield

Supremecoat are proud to announce the launch of our multi bay application centre situated in Sheffield.

Following growing demand to offer an application centre for existing vehicles that do not already have LifeProof Ceramic Paint Protection applied, Supremecoat invested in the development and training of skilled specialist application staff.

The application centre already has a multitude of vehicles that have booked in for the ceramic application treatment and these include:-

Cars / Bikes / Vans / Trailers / Caravans / Motorhomes / Trucks

Prior to application of the ceramic treatment, all vehicles will be pre-prepped by our own fully employed staff members, who have received in depth training from existing industry specialist applicators, again employed by Supremecoat.

Already boasting dozens of testimonials from customers who are not only impressed by the work carried out in the application bay but who are also overwhelmed by the level of protection the Supremecoat LifeProof Ceramic provides.

Supremecoat are now looking to roll-out the template created for the application bay and levels of training to the staff into other parts of the country by partnering with existing and new dealerships and detailing companies.

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