Supremecoat leading the Way

Supremecoat is changing the restricted Caravan / Motorhome Application Market Place.

Dyce Caravans has become one of a growing number of approved application centres around the UK.

Supplying the Supremecoat Range of Protective Coatings, Dyce Caravans have gone through our application training process and supply our protective coatings to both existing and new customers in their region of the UK.

Our simplistic and straightforward business model is providing our approved application centres the ability to provide any vehicle owner with an amazing high level of paint protection by applying a fabulous new generation of Ceramic Coating.

By allowing our approved application centres the option to offer and apply our treatments we are leading the way!

Our advanced Ceramic formula commanding the accreditation of having a gloss enhancement included, normally not found within this technology.

Following recent tests we have proven that a new vehicle treated with Supremecoat LifeProof Ceramic increases the Gloss Unit reading more than competing cheap brands.

Join our family of dealerships to command the Supremecoat Accreditation and lead the way in technology.

IT - “Intelligent Technology” at work!

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