Winter is Coming, Is Your Windscreen Prepared??………………

As the cold mornings & rainy days fast approach, what can you do in order to avoid increased visual impairment while driving or worse still the daily constant monetary of scraping the frost from your windscreen?

While everyone may think that these are just environmental conditions that we all have to deal with when getting ready to drive our vehicles in these coming cold and wet dark months, there is in fact a solution, which is…………..

LifeProof Vision:

  • This Is an all Season Round Product That Continues to Provide Full Protection For Your Windscreen Every day For 2 Years. (Following Only One Application)

  • Winter: - Frost can be removed from the windscreen by hand or scrapper, avoiding the time consuming constant scrapping and use of deicer or worst still hot water, risking cracking your windscreen.

  • Spring & Autumn: - Rain will turn into beads of water and blow off the windscreen. So overall the need to use the wipers constantly is reduced dramatically.

  • Reduces glare from oncoming and overhead lights

  • Summer: - Bug splats, Bird Lime, Traffic dust / dirt and Tree sap will smoothly be removed from the windscreen with no smearing when using the washers and wipers.

  • The Only Windscreen Protection Product on the Market That Has a 2 Years Lifespan and Warranty and is Tr