Supremecoat Arrives In Europe.

Supreme Protective Coatings is pleased to announce that as of the 1st November 2018, our product range is now available in European market place through our official appointed Netherlands branch.

Jer Regnier, Country Development Director - Benelux, will head up the supply chain and fulfilment needs of our new customers in Europe

Jer has a wealth of experience in the vehicle protective coating market and is ideally placed to head up the Supremecoat push into this part of the world.

Jer had this to say: Supreme Protective Coatings Ltd hosts a wealth of industry experience and strives to deliver the next required steps in the vehicle paint and interior protection market. Founder and Managing Director Darren Johnson of Supreme Protective Coatings Ltd, has over 20 years’ experience within this sector. His wealth of knowledge and foresight in this sector excited me to join the New Way of Supremecoat. Supremecoat is the complete advanced package for the future in vehicle Protection.

Darren Johnson, Managing Director of Supremecoat was asked to comment of the LifeProof Ceramic Product now available in Europe, he had this to say:

We have created the Holy Grail in protection combining the two characteristics of polymer sealant protection and Polysilazane ceramic protection together. The shine and gloss of a polymer and the hardened finish of a ceramic. Supremecoat's LifeProof Ceramic with Gloss enhancers is the New Evolution in this sector. The uncomplicated application process and durability of performance out shines the competition. LifeProof Intelligent Technology is formulated from advanced Nano Ceramic technology with gloss enhancers. Our protective coating for vehicles is a high gloss permanent bond Nano-Ceramic that can only be applied by our network of trained approved applicators and is backed up by a lifetime guarantee*, LifeProof utilises the latest ceramic Nano-Technology to give your paintwork superior Chemical Resistance, UV & Thermal Resistance and Super Hydrophobic effect. The super hydrophobic effect of the Nano-Ceramic Coating for vehicles means any liquid that comes in contact with the surface will simply bead up and roll off along with any dirt and grime, keeping your vehicle cleaner for longer and easier to clean. The ceramic layer will give additional hardness to your paintwork and provide the best protection from damaging environmental contaminants and harsh chemicals that would otherwise compromise the factory clear coat, such as initial bird lime, road tar and tree sap. LifeProof is not a paint protection wax or polymer sealant that will wash away or break down over time, it is a Nano-Ceramic Coating for vehicles that forms a permanent adhesion to the paintwork like an additional layer of clear coat and can only be removed through abrasion, making it the most durable ceramic coating for vehicles on the market. The news follows multiple advancements in Supreme Protective Coatings Ltd explosive growth over the last two years into many different vehicle sectors and now looks set for an even bigger growth year in 2019 with some major development announcements to follow soon.

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