Breakthrough In Ceramic Paint Protection Announced

Independent Testing Conducted on The Supremecoat LifeProof Paint Protection.

Mick Beeson recently joined our team but before he stepped forward with the Supremecoat Way he requested a sample and undertook a journey to test our product with a current market place ceramic product and a new painted panel not coated with any protection.

What we didn’t know is that Mick was looking for the next evolution in treatments. With over 25+ years he always prides himself in moving forward in the technology of chemicals.

His finds were astonishing not only was Supremecoat a fantastic ceramic commanding all the advanced characteristics required for a ceramic but to his amazement he found and measured an increase in the gloss finish of the paint.

What was evident was that a newly painted panel and one of the current ceramics on the market didn’t have any difference in the measurement GU Reading (Gloss Unit Reading) however the Supremecoat LifeProof Protection had increased by a GU.

This confirmed that we at Supremecoat hold the difference in the market place.

Mick commands 25+ Years in B2B sales and marketing development within the automotive sector. Specialising in fine chemicals and coatings within the OEM market place, Tier suppliers and aftermarket arenas.

Mick’s experience within the fine chemicals industry gives him inside knowledge of chemical formulations and future trends in protective coatings.

This knowledge alongside his principles around creating ongoing business relationships with long term benefits for all parties offers an innovative approach within Supremecoat's specialist division.


Mick Beeson quoted:- I can honestly say that I believe Supremecoat to be the best technology available in the market for paint, interior and windscreen protection.

Couple these facts with Supremecoat's ethical approach to all customers makes the company and product range stand out in the industry.

Darren Johnson MD Supremecoat quoted:- We are pleased you choose Supremecoat and value your 25+ years of knowledge. Thank you for sharing your findings and wish you many years with our company.

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