Renault UK Selects Supremecoat

Renault UK Has Selected LifeProof Vision from Supremecoat as its Only Authorised Part Numbered Windscreen Protective Coating.

Following successful approval phases and consultation from the Supremecoat, Renault UK launched Supremecoat LifeProof to its network of dealerships in the UK.

All Renault dealerships have access to marketing & training materials as well as stocks of LifeProof Vision in order to provide not only the best windscreen product to its customer base but also the best in after sales service.

Lifeproof Vision

A Revolutionary advanced treatment system for any vehicle windscreen, new or used.

LifeProof Vision delivers 2 years excellent hydrophobic repellent quality and also provides all season round protection against frost, bird lime, bug splats and is TFR resistant. These are just some of the reasons that

Renault UK selected Supremecoat LifeProof Vision over any other product tested during the extended in-house trial period.

Unlike regular rain repellent coatings that adhere to the surface of the glass using temporary bonding chemistry (and therefore only providing several months protection), Lifeproof Vision bonds with the glass giving unrivalled durability and exceptionally low smear characteristics for Two Years.

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