Supremecoat Cabriolet

Soft Top Protection

Over time, fabric hoods get dirty, stained or mouldy. UV damage and acid rain can lead to the colours fading and after a few years, they can lose their waterproof properties, leading to damp interiors and mouldy head linings and damage to the fabric itself.

Supremecoat Cabriolet Protection utilises cutting edge fabric protection technology that not only protects but also enables the fabric to breathe. When applied, Supremecoat Cabriolet and convertible roof protector coats and protects the individual fibres of the soft top with a highly durable superhydrophobic coating, ensuring water, dirt and contaminants either run off the hood or can be simply wiped away.

No matter what the conditions are outside, Supremecoat Cabriolet soft top protector helps keep your cabriolet hood looking like new and protect your vehicle's resale value.

Durable water repellency

Rejuvenates original colour

Easy to clean

Chemical Resistant

Invisible, fully breathable barrier

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