Supremecoat Lost & Found 

Wallet Recovery

Some people's purses and wallets are almost like miniature filing systems - packed with coins, bank notes, credit and debit cards, store cards, rewards cards, photo's, receipts, business cards and restaurant details! So it makes sense, to protect your wallet with Supremecoat Wallet Recovery Card – if lost the wallet or purse can be reunited with their owners quickly​

Supremecoat Wallet Recovery Card features include:

  • Supremecoat lost and found service cover

  • up to 2 points of contact for the finder including Supremecoat's 24/7 helpline telephone number and website 

  • on-line profile - with free updates

  • multi-lingual website - in case your wallet or purse is found overseas

  • free replacements should your wallet recovery card get lost or damaged 

  • Supremecoat finder reward

Includes: 1 Supremecoat Wallet Recovery Card

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