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Specialist Motorcycle

Preservation Centre

6 hours minimum of paint correction, preparation and preservation of your motorcycle with our specialist ceramic treatment. 

Welcome to Supremecoat.
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Why Choose Supremecoat? Watch the video below!
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Why Choose Supremecat?

Why Choose Supremecoat?

An Exceptional Champion Brand Of Liquid Ceramic Paint Protection You Can Count On.

Unlike other paint protection products, our Supremecoat Ceramic has a high gloss (or optional matte) finish and only needs one application lasting 7-10 years. Along with our 20 years of experience in the paint protection industry and our own chemist formulating our liquid ceramic, we are leap years ahead of the paint protection market.

The Supremecoat Ceramic adds a uniform layer covering your motorcycle, meaning the dirt, salt, oil and other external elements are sitting on Supremecoat, not your paintwork making it easier to clean and saving you time. With Supremecoat you can spend more time on your bike and less time cleaning it.


We spend a minimum of 6 hours with your motorcycle decontaminating, preparing and then preserving the condition with our liquid ceramic all at an affordable price.

Affordable pricing
UV protection
High Gloss.png
High gloss finish
10 Years.png
Up to 10 years protection
Protects against environmental fallout
Easy to Clean.png
Easy to clean

To book in your vehicle, contact us on 0114 467 0070, email


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Supremecoat Unit 1.jpg
Unit 1 & 8 Navigation Way
S18 2YA

We're situated between Sheffield and Chesterfield, meaning whilst you wait for your vehicle to be treated you can be assured you will have various cafés, shops, restaurants, cinemas and market days to make the time fly by much quicker.

Also thanks to our location, on your way to our application centre or after you have picked up your freshly ceramic coated vehicle, you can make use of the wonderful roads in the Peak District that is just over 10 miles away from our centres! 

Supremecoat Unit 1

Application Centre - Unit 1

Supremecoat Unit 8

 Application Centre & HQ - Unit 8

At Supremecoat, we aim to give our customers the most seamless and enjoyable experience. Between our two application centres we have the flexibility to accommodate multiple regular sized vehicles per day and the tallest of vehicles (unit 8 centre). When you bring your vehicle to one of our Dronfield Application Centres, if you do not have transport planned we can provide a free of charge taxi service to take you to the nearby town of Chesterfield and also bring you back to collect your vehicle. 

  • Preparation & Application


Every vehicle that comes in receives the same decontamination process, regardless of being straight from the dealer or being heavily used. Our 4 step process goes as follows:

  • Remove any loose surface dirt and traffic film.

  • Fallout remover & snow foam to removed embedded dirt in the paint.

  • Road tar remover / spot clean.

  • Shampoo contact wash.

Then your vehicle is moved inside for paint

correction to prepare for the final ceramic

The total time we will need your vehicle can vary depending on the size and the condition of your paintwork. The average time of decontamination and application is 6 hours. If an extensive amount of work is needed to bring the vehicle to an appropriate standard to be treated (for example, an extensive amount of paint correction) the total time we will need the vehicle may increase. This can be discussed with the application team beforehand or upon arrival.

Virtual tour of our changing room.

See below

To book in your vehicle, contact us on 0114 467 0070, email


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