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Classic Car
Detail & Ceramic Coating

Protect your pride and joy for up to 7 years with Supremecoat's advanced ceramic coatings!

Classic Car Detail &
7 Year Ceramic Coating

£199.66/Month over 3 months with PayPal Credit

Drop Off & Collect Same Day
Full Deep Clean 
2-Stage Machine Polish
Full Ceramic Treatment to
  • Paintwork
  • Plastics
  • Wheels
  • Excluding Brakes and Glass

Why Choose Supremecoat?

An Exceptional Champion Brand Of Liquid Ceramic Paint Protection You Can Count On.

Supremecoat Ceramic is formulated from advanced Nano Ceramic technology. Our protective coating is a high gloss Nano-Ceramic that can only be applied by our trained applicators and is backed up by up to 10 years of durability, compared to factory paintwork it utilises the latest ceramic nano-technology to give your paintwork superior Chemical & UV Resistance.


The superhydrophobic effect of the nano-ceramic coating for cars means any liquid that comes in contact with the surface will simply bead up and roll off along with any dirt and grime, keeping your car cleaner for longer and easier to clean. The ceramic layer will give additional hardness to your paintwork and provide the best protection from damaging environmental contaminants and harsh chemicals that would otherwise compromise the factory clear coat, such as initial bird lime, road tar and tree sap.


Supremecoat Ceramic is not a paint protection wax or polymer sealant that will wash away or break down over time, it is a Nano-Ceramic Coating for cars that forms a superior adhesion to the paintwork like an additional layer of clear coat and can only be removed through abrasion or strong undiluted acids.

Supremecoat interior fabric & leather protection systems is the most hydrophobic coating available that can be applied to any textile and leather surfaces. Surfaces coated with Supremecoat fabric and leather protector are protected from liquid spills and damaging chemicals that may stain or discolour the interior surface.


Supremecoat interior protection comes from the high-tech industry and is an inorganic compound. Supremecoat's interior protector dramatically reduces the surface energy, so that when liquids come into contact with it, they form beads and simply roll off. This enables the fabric and leather seat surfaces to be free from water/dust and all other liquids, without affecting the look or feel. Liquid on a surface coated with Supremecoat interior protection will simply roll around on top of the fibres, allowing it to be easily cleaned up.

Fabric Protection.png

Interior Protection

  • All Consumable Foods

  • Coffee

  • Chewing Gum

  • Make Up

  • Crayons

  • Blood & Urine

  • Pet Waste

Affordable pricing
UV protection
High Gloss.png
High gloss finish
Up to 7 years of protection
Protects against environmental fallout
Easy to Clean.png
Easy to clean

To book in your vehicle, contact us on 0114 467 0070, email


Supremecoat Unit 1.jpg
Unit 1 & 8 Navigation Way
Dronfield, Derbyshire
S18 2YA

We're situated between Sheffield and Chesterfield, meaning whilst you wait for your vehicle to be treated you can be assured you will have various cafés, shops, restaurants, cinemas and market days to make the time fly by much quicker.

Application Centre - Unit 1

 Application Centre & HQ - Unit 8

Supremecoat Unit 1
Supremecoat Unit 8

At Supremecoat, we aim to give our customers the most seamless and enjoyable experience. When you bring your vehicle to our Dronfield Application Centre, if you do not have transport planned we can provide a free of charge taxi service to take you to the nearby town of Chesterfield and also bring you back to collect your vehicle. 

  • Preparation & Application


Every vehicle that comes in receives the same decontamination process, regardless of being straight from the dealer or being heavily used. Then your vehicle is moved inside for further decontamination and preparation for the final ceramic coating.

The total time we will need your vehicle can vary depending on the size and the condition of your paintwork. The average time of decontamination and application is 6 hours. If an extensive amount of work is needed to bring the vehicle to an appropriate standard to be treated (for example, an extensive amount of paint correction) the total time we will need the vehicle for may increase. This can be discussed with the application team beforehand or upon arrival.

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Get In Touch!


0114 467 0070


Application Centre

The Supremecoat Group

Unit 1 & 8, Navigation Way, Dronfield, S18 2YA

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