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Best In Industry Protection You Can Count On.

Supremecoat's proven comprehensive Motorhome protection packages have been developed using the most advanced paint and interior sealant technology available. Delivering unparalleled quality of interior and exterior protection with a peace of mind guarantee*.

 Motorhome Paint Protection

  • Paint Fading

  • Loss of Shine

  • Acid Rain

  • Bird Droppings

  • Tree Sap

  • Insects

  • Hard Water Stains

  • De-icing Materials

Motorhome Interior Protection

  • All Consumable Foods

  • Coffee

  • Chewing Gum

  • Make Up

  • Crayons

  • Blood & Urine

  • Pet Waste

  • Vomit

Class Leading

Paint & Fabric Protection


Resistant to environmental fallout


Protects re-sale value


UV Resistant

High gloss finish


Easy to clean

Motorhome Paint Protection

Owning a motorhome is a real pleasure but keeping and maintaining that glossy appearance can be a challenge.


motorhome paint protection

Unfortunately, due to environmental demands, manufacturers now have to use water-based paints, which whilst being environmentally safe and friendly, they are more prone to fading and oxidisation. Every day your motorhome's paintwork is exposed to road dirt, traffic fumes, road salt, bird lime, tree sap and UV rays. These contaminants become embedded within the paint surface meaning you have to spend hours cleaning and polishing the exterior surfaces to get the glossy shine back. Combined with the fact wax and polymer polishes simply don’t last long enough, this all takes a toll on the appearance which in turn lowers its value.

motorhome paint protection

Supremecoat's Fit and Forget protection systems make all this a thing of the past!

Supremecoat's motorhome exterior paint protection systems are formulated from the latest advanced nano-technology to give your paintwork superior Chemical Resistance, UV & Thermal Resistance and Super Hydrophobic effect.


The superhydrophobic effect of the motorhome paint protection coating means any liquid that comes in contact with the surface will simply bead up and roll off along with any dirt and grime, keeping your motorhome cleaner for longer and easier to clean. The protective layer will give additional hardness to your paintwork and provide the

Motorhome Exterior Paint Protection

best protection from damaging environmental contaminants and harsh chemicals that would otherwise compromise the factory clear coat, such as bird line, tar and tree sap.

Paint Protection Benefits


water/dust and all other liquids, without affecting the look or feel. In the event of a liquid spill on a protected surface, the liquid will simply roll around on top of the fibres, allowing it to be easily cleaned up.

Supremecoat protective coatings will help cut down the clean time and will help protect the high gloss appearance of your motorhome, meaning it stays looking great and also helps maintain a higher resale value.


Supremecoat protection systems can only be fitted by our network of trained professional technicians, which ensures the highest quality of the application, attention to detail and total customer satisfaction. 


motorhome interior protection

Motorhome Interior Protection

Supremecoat's motorhome fabric and class-leading leather protector is the most superhydrophobic coating available that can be applied to any textile and leather surfaces. Surfaces coated with Supremecoat fabric and leather protector are protected from liquid spills and damaging chemicals that may stain or discolour the interior surface.


Supremecoat's motorhome interior protection comes from the high-tech industry and is an inorganic compound which dramatically reduces the surface energy so that when liquids come into contact with it, they form beads and simply roll off. This enables the fabric and leather seat surfaces to be free from 

Interior Protection Benefits


Makes spills easy to clean up


Protects re-sale value


UV Resistant



Easy to clean

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* Supremecoat Ceramic guarantee. 10 Years new motorhomes & 7 Years on used motorhomes. Guarantee does not provide cover against neglect, misuse, scratches and stone chips


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