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Supremecoat Car Cleaning Kit Includes:


Supremecoat Snow Foam 250ml

Supremecoat Shampoo 250ml

Supremecoat Inside & Out Multi Clean 250ml (with Spray Top)

*Contents may vary


4 x Microfibre Cloths

Car Cleaning Kit

  • Supremecoat Shampoo. Soft as natural rainwater, Supremecoat Ceramic Shampoo is a highly effective yet equally gentle ceramic and wax friendly shampoo concentrate. It effectively breaks the bond between grime and underlying surfaces, allowing you to effortlessly wash your vehicle in minimal time. Ceramic Shampoo is enriched with natural waxes, which prolong the lifespan of your Supremecoat sealant.

    Supremecoat pH Neutral Shampoo. With it's excellent cleaning power and ‘skin neutral’ pH, the Supremecoat pH Neutral Shampoo is particularly suitable for the washing of vehicles by hand. Supremecoat pH Neutral Shampoo is gentle on paintwork and leaves a high gloss finish.

    Supremecoat Snow Foam. Suitable for use through a Foam Lance, Foam Gun or directly in a Jet wash or Automatic Car Wash systems. The active foam component boosts and intensifies cleaning.


    Supremecoat Tyre Shine. Rubber is a naturally derived product, which means that it is perishable and prone to becoming brittle and cracked over time as moisture and essential oils are lost. Supremecoat Tyre Shine was developed specifically to counter this problem, and is formulated to keep rubber surfaces pliable and looking like new. It does this by using a unique blend of deeply-penetrating conditioning agents, which clean and restore lost moisture/oils.


    Supremecoat Inside Out Multi Clean. Our Swiss made advanced multi purpose cleaner removes everyday grease & grime from all hard surfaces, carpets and upholstery. The exceptional properties of the cleaner make it ideal for cleaning the inside and outside of the vehicle. Simple to use with phenomenal results.