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500ml Supremecoat Road Tar Remover

Car Tar Remover

  • 500ml Supremecoat Road Tar Remover is an Orange Oil tar remover that quickly and easily removes bonded organic contaminants from all exterior vehicle surfaces. In addition to being a time saver, it also reduces the risk of causing surface marring during the subsequent claying stage (which may still be required for inorganic contaminant removal), as there is far less chance of large particles of organic debris becoming trapped between the clay bar and the paint and then being moved around. The only time caution is required is when fresh paint has been applied and has not been cured, i.e. in the period straight after a SMART repair is performed. In such cases, the use of Road Tar Remover should be avoided as, being a strong organic solvent, it does have the potential to dissolve uncured paint.

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